Stana Buchowska, Project Co-ordinator

Stana is co-founder of La Strada and was previously the National
Coordinator of La Strada Foundation against Trafficking in Persons and Slavery,
based in Poland. Her main areas of work and expertise included project
coordination, networking on national and international levels, and development
and implementation of training programmes, particularly for law enforcement
representatives, social service providers and NGOs.

Stana was a member of the EU Expert Group on Trafficking,
2008-2011. She was also a member of the Global Alliance against Trafficking in
Women and the International Board of La Strada International Association.


Emma Makey, Project Assistant

Emma’s background is in parliamentary international relations,
having worked previously for the British Group of the Inter-Parliamentary Union
in the UK Parliament. Emma designed and implemented programmes and seminars for
parliamentarians visiting Westminster from overseas, and arranged and
accompanied delegations of UK parliamentarians visiting overseas parliaments.
Emma also supported the UK delegation at Inter-Parliamentary Union assemblies
and provided assistance to the 12+ European geopolitical group.

Emma has an MPhil degree in Russian Studies, specialising in the
politics and international relations of Russia and Ukraine.