A programme of 11 participatory activities will be organised for Parliamentarians in 8 European countries to raise awareness, learn good practice, share information and expand contact with specialist NGOs and business leaders in Europe. The project’s activities are scheduled to take place London, Berlin, Bucharest, Warsaw, The Hague, Sofia, Lisbon and Rome. Dates and details of these activities will follow and will be published on the ‘Events’ section of the website.

The project will collaborate with specialist NGO practitioners, law enforcement representatives and business leaders in at least eight countries to share information on human trafficking, specifically child trafficking, labour exploitation as well as sexual exploitation, and will promote public-private partnerships against trafficking.  The project aims directly to reach 100 Parliamentarians across fifteen countries and 1000 indirectly through the participating Parliamentarians reporting back to national Parliaments, and conclude with focal point contacts on human trafficking in at least eight national Parliaments.